The multi-head embroidery industry has gone through wide spread closure and lack of work in general. Murad Textiles on the other hand has experienced a growth of over 1200% in the last 4 years. This is due to our unique strategy listed below:

We tend to cater to our customers every need including large amounts of sampling free of charge.

The quality of our work is above par and we boast a stringent quality control department which allows us to differentiate our services.

The products we offer vary from our competitors in the sourcing of our raw materials. We have established links in the industry which enable us to acquire raw materials which are not available to other similar sized units such as special threads and sequins.

We try to stick to our customer’s timelines and deliver the products on time which is hard to come by in the multi-head embroidery industry.

We invest highly in our designing team and this allows us to be ahead of the market. This is because clients are always on the lookout for trendy and fashionable embroideries which we provide them with.

The people working at Murad Textiles have been trained for great interpersonal skills.

The higher management is directly involved in customer management and acquisition allowing for greater form of communication.