We envision Murad Textiles as a partner of choice in the textiles embroidery industry for top brands in Pakistan. Our aim is to exhibit significant growth on the basis of the quality of our work and time commitment to our clients.

Murad Textiles aims to be at the forefront of multi head embroidery in the textile sector due to the immense level of commitment we offer to our clients. This will enable us to ultimately be trend setters and not trend followers.

We want to diversify our product portfolio by adding more processes in the along the chain leading to a finished product. This includes digital printing of textiles; another service based operation which has seen significant growth in recent years. We could also broaden our horizons into the dyeing and processing of fabrics which will have immense demand in the future.

We aim to penetrate the market through improvements in design and up to date manufacturing techniques by introducing innovations in textile technology. We have been trailing in the field of technical innovation in the textile sector and we see the improving trade ties between China and Pakistan as an opportunity to improve our workings using the model used for manufacturing of textiles in china and tailoring it for the needs of the textile sector in Pakistan.