At Murad Textiles we ensure that every customer feels important and for that we hold regular meetings with the client. The top management has great interpersonal skills and we encourage our customers to be critical in reviewing our work and we improve those aspects which allows for our relationship to be strengthened.

We believe in transparency and honesty which is highly regarded by our customers. Customers want a neat and clean environment for their work and we place emphasis on the cleanliness of our unit. The safety and responsibility of our client’s goods is of paramount importance thus we have CCTV camera’s throughout both units with the addition of armed guards. We also have fire safety equipment on hand to deal with any unforeseen circumstances to protect and safeguard the property of our clients.

As a firm we try to be available around the clock to fulfill the needs of our clients and address their reservations and complaints as soon as they come in.

The products we offer differ in the type of raw material and special service provided and are listed below:

Embroidery with design services
Embroidery without design services
Embroidery using viscose thread
Embroidery using a mixture of viscose and metallic (Tilla) thread
Embroidery using metallic thread
Embroidery using silver metallic thread
Embroidery with the addition of sequins

Our product range differs with the requirement of the customer and we try to tailor fit ourselves to cater to whichever requirements the customer might have.